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Newark, DE Auto Repair Shop

  • Great communication. Very pleasant. Van was done on time and Chip did a great job. Pete was excellent at explaining and outlining the work that needed to be done on the van. – Rebecca F.

  • Very friendly, thorough and honest. The added service of emailing the diagnosis with pictures of problems is a great tool to communicate with your clients. Looking forward to my next visit! – Kari K.

homepageAre you tired of taking your car in for a repair and then having to take it back the next day because it appears to have the same issue? Feel like they guessed at what it would take to fix your car and guessed wrong? Did you have one part replaced and it didn’t fix your car so you authorize another part and it also doesn’t fix your concern? I always felt if your first guess wasn’t good enough to fix a car then; why would you take a second guess?

It is a fact that if your car was not fixed the first time that a training, tooling or information system deficiency exists in the repair process. Even as far technology has advanced in the modern automobile, it is still far from rocket science; competent, well trained and well tooled shops simply don’t struggle to fix cars.

Here at Pete’s Garage we approach car repair scientifically, we use training, tooling and information systems just like the manufacturer dealers use. Some shops lack the tooling and education so they guess at what your car needs because maybe they had a similar car in before that had a similar problem. Sometimes they get lucky and do fix your car but more often than not they have to ‘fix it twice’ or even more than that. We do not rely on guesswork, silver bullets or phone / internet consultants, we rely on being very well trained and very well tooled on a narrow group of manufacturer’s cars:

  • GM (all brands under GM)
  • Chrysler/ Jeep/ Dodge/ Ram
  • Ford (all Ford brands)
  • Honda/ Acura
  • Toyota/ Lexus/ Scion
  • Hyundai/ Kia

Contact us today at (302) 286-6069 for your next auto repair or maintenance service!