About Our Newark, DE Auto Repair Shop

We have earned such a reputation as “fixers” of automobiles that over 30 local garages (including a few OEM dealers) bring us cars that they don’t have the education or tooling needed to fix a problem vehicle. That is correct we are the shop that fixes cars for other shops. We specialize in fixing the unfixable cars/ trucks. Sometimes all that is needed to fix a car is update the software in the car’s computer, did you know that some shops do not even know how to do that?

We are a small shop with 6 bays and 2 owners, both are L1 master mechanics who are also State of Delaware Certified for emissions repair, in fact one of us even helped DNREC write the regulation that governs the certification process. We believe in offering value through efficiency and accuracy in our work. Our reputation for honesty, accuracy and mechanical knowledge is so well known that when Consumer Affairs needed to know what to tell people about finding an honest mechanic they called us!


Pete Rudloff

  • Mechanical Operations Committee member for ASA 2011-present
  • Coordinator of Delaware Training Group 2009-present
  • NASTF Scan Tool Sub Committee co-chair 2011-present
  • DNREC Task force adviser 2011
  • Delaware State certified for emissions
  • ASE Master tech with L1
  • Nationally Recognized Technical Writer
  • Nationally Recognized Technical trainer
  • Nationally Recognized Public speaker
  • Founding member for March of Dimes program “Dad’s and Diapers” an nationally rated best practices program